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7/22/17 - Paul Frantz & Paul Araquistain

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Learn. Unlearn. Repeat.

Saturday, July 22, 2017 -- 8pm Performance/Doors 7pm  -  at The Hotel Rex, 562 Sutter St, San Francisco

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Paul Frantz, vocals
Paul Araquistain,vocals
Stephanie Lynne Smith, piano, vocals

Portland-based pianist Stephanie Lynne Smith returns to Society Cabaret to present two of her favorite Paul’s in a decades show. Composer Paul Frantz and Performer-Posing-As-A-Business-Professional Paul Araquistain compare notes with Miss Smith to commiserate and ultimately laugh at the aging process and all the lessons that come along with it. Featuring originals compositions by Paul Frantz and Jacqueline DeMuro.