Thank you for purchasing your tickets to Society Cabaret. You will have a delightful time at your chosen performance. Prepare to make a memory!

Prime versus Standard Seating
Prime seats are priced higher than Standard seats. Prime tickets get the best seats. Prime seat patrons are seated in the date order in which they purchased their ticket(s), the earlier you buy, the better your seat. Standard seat patrons are then seated behind the Prime seat patrons in the date order of the purchase of their ticket(s). The house manager has the right to alter this slightly in order to best fill the house. All the seats really are good. Purchase either Prime or Standard tickets and you are sure to have a magical experience.

Ticket prices change depending on demand for the show, IE they go up as time passes and the remaining seats become more valuable, AND they are always $5 more at the door than the last advanced purchase price. So it is to your advantage to buy your tickets as soon as you see what you want is available.

Your Seats
Your seats are saved for you so arrive when it is convenient. Seats are assigned based on the section you purchased (either Prime or Standard) and date of your purchase. You are sitting in front of the people who bought their tickets after you and behind the people who bought their tickets before you. All seats are good though.

Special Needs
Should you have any special needs with your seating, call the Box Office at 415-857-1869 -- or email (preferred) Do you have a bad back? Are you in a wheelchair? Just let us know prior to your arrival at the door so we can sit you accordingly .

Special Requests
If there is a special part of the room you'd like to sit in or if you'd like to be seated with another patron, let us know. We will do all we can to make it work within the above parameters. Let us know by calling the Box Office at  415.857.1896 -- or email (preferred)