Curtain Call Online

Meeting Rooms open at 6:45.

Show starts at 7:15 pm (PST)

You'll receive the log in credentials the day of the show. 

1. $20 buys you a singing slot for Curtain Call. 

2. $5 will buy you an admission for anyone that wants to enjoy the show and participate in the Meeting Rooms. BUT this is NOT for singers, only for folks who will NOT be singing.

3.There are no musical interludes allowed in your performance of your song. Please make sure your recordings don't have any piano solos and/or instrumental breaks. These can be lovely in the real world, but are particularly weird in the virtual world. If you can't eliminate it for whatever reason, find a way to fill it. You are a performer, here's 16 bars for you to do what you do best, perform.

4. There will be a tip jar available at SocietyCabaret.Com, please tip what you can.

Pro Tips - It's best if you can find a place to participate with an actual background that you don't mind showing. Virtual backgrounds can do very strange things to your video feed. If you want or need to use virtual that's fine but a real background is preferred.

Become very familiar with your stop/start video button and your mute/unmute buttons. It's very good form if you turn off your mic and/or your video feed when you find the need to sneeze, or eat, or need to leave the frame, or ...

Singing into your camera gives your audience the best experience. Doing so may not seem very intuitive, but watch your fellow singers and see what works well for you.

Find a way for the camera to be at eye level - the 'up the nose' cam isn't flattering. And think about your framing. You are the producer of your own little tv show. How close is too close? How far is too far? A good rule of thumb is to think of a newscaster and emulate that framing.

There are a LOT of ways to set up your tech. If you are advanced, go forth and conquer. If you are starting out then do this. Use headphones on your device and play your accompaniment on your device with sound sharing enabled in zoom. You do that in Zoom by clicking on "Share Screen", then "Advanced", then "Music or Computer Sound Only", then "Share". Once you do that ALL computer sounds will be shared so make sure you don't have any email windows open or alarms on or anything that would make a ding or notification alert. If YOU hear it on your computer, then we all will hear it too. Also, super important to use headphones. You don't want the microphone to be picking up the music coming out of the computer speakers as well as via 'share', that could cause some very strange cutting out or echo issues. 

Please be sure to join the Tech Spec Room before the show to try your piece for a measure or two and we can make sure that what you are doing is working.

Thank you so much for keeping the spirit and community of Society Cabaret alive. Your purchase will allow us to keep the economics of Curtain Call going virtually until we can do it once again in the real world.

Tim@SocietyCabaret.Com - please feel free to send me any questions or comments. Thanks and enjoy.