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Curtain Call San Francisco

With Bill Cooper & Barry Lloyd

Singers are invited to drop by, take a turn at the mic and join in the celebration!
A freewheeling party, the coolest of San Francisco’s evenings to enjoy indoors – no minimums.

Three ways to purchase tickets – you choose:

1. JUST $15 when you buy your tickets early for $15 at and with no fees and get reserved seating down front BUT you still must still sign up for a singing slot at the door. You are seated in the date order of your purchase (EXCEPT FOR PRIME BUYERS see below)

2. $20 All seating at door is $20 general seating, and you must sign up for a singing slot at the door. You will be set in the room behind pre-purchased tickets and Prime Buyers. All seats are fine though it is a small room and a good time is had by all.

3. $25 PRIME BUYERS RECEIVE TOP PRIORITY: Buy a $25 ticket at and get a reserved seat down front AND a reserved spot on the singers list! You’ll perform at the top of the show or after intermission depending on your arrival and check-in at the door at the venue.

DISCLAIMER: The purchase of a $15 Reserved Seat ticket or a $20 General Door ticket does not guarantee you an opportunity to sing. Only Prime tickets are guaranteed a singing slot. Society makes every effort to insure that all singers get to perform but time, number of participants and the performers adherence to the rules can limit the number of available slots and opportunity to sing before evenings end.

  1. Singers must sign up in order to sing. All Singers, even those holding pre-bought tickets, must check in at the door with Bill Cooper.
  2. Singers who purchase the $25 ticket IF in their seats at 7 pm and have checked in at the door, will be first on the list of singers at the top of the evening. It is acceptable for singers with $25 tickets to show up later in the evening. However, if singers show up later in the evening they will get first slots to sing after intermission. Their seats will be saved for them down front and their singing slots will be secure for after intermission.
  3. Singers holding $15 tickets have only purchased a reserved seat. They do not have a place on the singing list. They must sign up at the door as all singers and will receive their slot on the singing list based on when they sign up at the door.
  4. Singers must bring legible sheet music/charts in your key. You must have music in your key to sing. It should be in a binder or notebook.
  5. There are no musical interludes allowed in your performance of your song. Please prepare your music accordingly to remove any piano solos, measures, and/or instrumental breaks in your song(s).
  6. Every singer will sing one (1) song. You will be given five (5) minutes max from the moment you step onstage to explain your music to the pianist, make any announcements and sing your song. When everyone has sung once, we will go to the top of the list and bring singers back for a second song as long as time permits. This rule will be strictly enforced so as to allow singers the best opportunity of a second chance to sing.
  7. Please refrain from conversation while singers are singing! There is a lovely bar area in the adjoining room where you may go if you must have a conversation, but we encourage you to remain in the room and support your fellow artists. You will be asked to go to the bar area if you are talking during the performance. If you are not in the room when your name is called, you automatically forfeit your turn.