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What is Cabaret?

You are a Cabaret patron. You seat yourself comfortably in the showroom and - having sampled the establishment’s epicurean offerings - you are relaxing at your cocktail table with a fresh drink at your elbow. You feel the house lights dim and you turn your attention to the performer on stage... and you say to them:

-- "Tell me a story"

The Artist takes the stage, dressed to the nines, and with nothing but a mic in front of them and a great musician at the piano, they command your attention, manipulate your emotions, and earn your adoration for the next 75 minutes – and you get the story that you crave.

Cabaret is, at its heart, the purest form of storytelling with words and music.

--Tim Heitman, Society Cabaret

Society Cabaret
Admin Offices
277 Taraval St
San Francisco, CA 94116

Box Office (preferred)
(415) 857-1896 - San Francisco
(408) 676-6471 - San Jose