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Lush'n Roulette - 07/20/19

Lush'n Roulette - 07/20/19

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Lush'n Roulette!

Saturday, July 20, 2019 -- 8pm Performance/Doors 7pm - at Harvey Milk Center, 50 Scott St. San Francisco

Paul Araquistain, reigning champ                                                                                      Donald Martin, courageous challenger
Stephanie Lynne Smith, piano player 

Lush ‘n Roulette is back with a challenger for reigning champion Paul Araquistain! Newcomer Donald Martin is stepping up to the plate in this rollicking good time at Society Cabaret’s new location in the Castro. Portland-based pianist Stephanie Lynne Smith presents an entertaining night of song roulette with two of her very best.

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