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Tunes of the City - By the Writers Lab - 02/08/2020

Tunes of the City - By the Writers Lab - 02/08/2020

Tickets available at the door. 

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Tunes of the City, a San Francisco Song Cycle

Saturday, February 8, 2020 -- 8pm Performance/Doors open at 7pm
At Harvey Milk Center, 50 Scott St. San Francisco

Donald Martin
Paul Araquistain
Jocelyn "JoJo" Thompson-Jordon
Jaqueline DeMuro

Special guest trio of June Kamerling, Carolyn Power and Eileen Zamora

G. Scott Lacy - Musical Director
Tim Heitman - Director

The Society Cabaret Writers Lab presents their collection of story songs about life in and around the City by the Bay. 

The Writers Lab members are, Marilyn Berg Cooper, Paul James Frantz, Annalisa Bastiani, Jeff Becker, and Tim Heitman. (With a special contribution from Lauren Mayer).

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